Mihaylo College of Business and Economics
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  • If you are a Master's student who has decided to leave Mihaylo College and does not plan on returning within the next year*, please fill out the information below and submit your notification. This form will NOT drop you from your classes. You must drop your courses through Admissions and Records via Titan Online.
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    • IMPORTANT: Be sure to enter your first and last name as it appears on your official CSUF record.
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    • Reasons(s) for Exiting MCBE: 
      We are sorry to see you go and are interested in finding out the reasons(s) why you have decided to leave MCBE. In the fields below please indicate your top three reasons for exiting MCBE. Please answer in rank, reason #1 being the biggest reason and #3 being the smallest reason.

    • Comments:
      In addition to any comments you have, please use this area if you are changing universities. Please indicate the university you are planning to attend.
  • *Note: Graduate students are required to maintain continuous enrollment. If you are considering returning to CSU Fullerton within one year and wish to take a semester off, you should petition for a Leave of Absence. To qualify for a Leave of Absence: 
    • You must have completed at least one semester of course work and be in good academic standing.
    • You must submit a Leave of Absence form that is found through the Graduate Studies website (www.fullerton.edu/graduate) along with the policy and procedural information.
    • If you are an international student, please contact the Department of International Students (www.fullerton.edu/international)
    • For further details, please contact your advisor as soon as possible.
    If you have any questions regarding this form, please email retentionspecialist@fullerton.edu.